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Our Partners

When a child is identified with a hearing loss, parents enter unfamiliar territory. Navigating services, technology, and learning new information is important to help children achieve optimal listening and spoken language outcomes.

Support often comes from many places. Our partners offer valuable information and support that you may find helpful. Listing of partners is to facilitate access to information. The Hear to Learn team does not provide endorsement for specific products.

Oticon Pediatrics

At Oticon Pediatrics, "A better future for every child with hearing loss" is our mission, reflected in our BrainHearing™ approach to support a child's cognitive development, and in our Sensei family of pediatric hearing instruments. As one of Oticon's core BrainHearing™ technologies, Speech Guard E in Sensei supports the child’s brain in making sense of speech sounds and is proven to improve speech perception, especially in complex listening environments. Learn more at www.Oticon.com or contact us at pediatrics@oticonusa.com.

NCHAM: National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, Utah State University
Hands & Voices
Sound Beginnings: Utah State University

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention - Pediatric Audiology Links to Services, a national web-based directory of facilities that offer pediatric audiology services to young children who are younger than five years of age.

Phonak: life is on

We want to give every child, no matter what degree or type of hearing loss, the opportunity to hear and understand well in every situation so they can develop speech, communicate effectively, play, laugh and be confident in everything that they aspire to be or do. To deliver on that promise, Phonak designs devices and resources specifically to address children’s dynamic and complex listening environments, including the Sky family of hearing aids and Roger wireless devices. Phonak has devoted over 40 years to pediatric hearing, because we understand that a child is not just a small adult.