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Pierce and Jaide's Story

Pierce standing in front of a playground

My son’s name is Pierce and my name is Jaide. My son was diagnosed at almost 4 years of age; we did not know about it until he failed the hearing screening at Head Start. He was actually born at home so to find out he may not have had that hearing screening was a huge blow to me.


Kisan's Story

Kisan sitting at a table with audiological equipment behind him

My name is Jackie, my son’s name is Kisan, and my husband’s name is James. My son is 5 years old and we did not know that he would have a hearing loss when he was born. I gave birth through a birthing center so luckily they have mandatory screenings no matter if you give birth in a hospital or a midwife center. The midwife kind of played it down. She did the test and he did not pass it.


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