Tutorial Transcripts

Hearing Loss Management

Finding a Pediatric Audiologist Transcript [PDF]

Middle Ear Infections Transcript [PDF]

Monitoring Hearing Transcript [PDF]

Signs of Hearing Difficulty Transcript [PDF]

Test Assistant: Play Audiometry Transcript [PDF]

Test Assistant: VRA Transcript [PDF]

Understanding the Audiogram Transcript [PDF]

Hearing Device Management

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids Transcript [PDF]

Cochlear Implant Batteries Transcript [PDF]

Earmold Impressions: What to Expect Transcript [PDF]

Hearing Aid Batteries Transcript [PDF]

Hearing Aid Care Guide Transcript [PDF]

Hearing Aid Settings Transcript [PDF]

Hearing Aid Use Transcript [PDF]

Family Wellbeing

Building Positive Partnerships Transcript [PDF]

Bullying Transcript [PDF]

Coping and Planning Transcript [PDF]

Developing New Routines Transcript [PDF]

Making Connections Transcript [PDF]

Questions to Ask the Audiologist Transcript [PDF]

Siblings Transcript [PDF]

Social Development Transcript [PDF]

Stigma & Self-Advocacy Transcript [PDF]

Take Time to Renew Transcript [PDF]

Teaching Others Transcript [PDF]

Teaching Self-Advocacy to Children Transcript [PDF]

Listening & Language

Auditory Sandwich Transcript [PDF]

Cued Speech Transcript [PDF]

Parentese Transcript [PDF]

Read to Me Transcript [PDF]

Sabotage Transcript [PDF]

Self-Talk and Parallel-Talk Transcript [PDF]

Teaching Your Child How to Listen Transcript [PDF]

Wait Time Transcript [PDF]


Hearing Loss in the Classroom (FM Systems) Transcript [PDF]

Parent Stories About Hearing Device Use Transcript [PDF]

Partnerships: Professional's Perspective Transcript [PDF]

Clinical Skills

Question Prompt List for Audiologists Transcript [PDF]

Learn New Skills: Short Video Demonstrations

Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) Transcript [PDF]

How to Check Hearing Aid Batteries Transcript [PDF]

How to Clean Earmolds Transcript [PDF]

How to Cut Earmold Tubing Transcript [PDF]

How to Do a Hearing Aid Listening Check Transcript [PDF]

How to Insert and Remove the Earmold Transcript [PDF]

How to Replace a Hearing Aid Battery Transcript [PDF]

Getting Started with Hearing Aids: A Remote Parent Education and Support Program

Provider Guide Transcript [PDF]

Behavior Management to Increase Hours of Hearing Device Use